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Residential Building Interior Design Services

Looking for designs for the residential building?

Innovative Pencil helps you to get residential building interior design that look elegant and serve as strong and reliable structure. Our team of expert designers with inputs of engineers prepares building designs for residential property.

In the package of our residential building design, you will get 10 different types of drawings that are elaborated below for your understanding. You can choose to purchase any specific drawing or buy all of them and can pay accordingly.

  • Layout Plan for each floor with site plan: It gives architectural planning of a site gives showing how the building is going to be designed, both functionally and climatically.
  • 3D Image of the building: It enables you to view how the overall building will ultimately look.
  • Structural Drawing of the building: It includes steel and concrete detailed drawings of columns, beams, foundation, retaining wall, etc.
  • Electrical Drawing of the Building: It projects the wiring points via concrete structure up to the wall where switches would be placed.
  • Elevation Drawing of the Building and Material Selection: A variety of material is used on the front facade of the building with range of different application methods. This requires detailed working drawings to project and understand the details given in 3D image.
  • Boundary Wall Design Detail with Gate: It shows the boundary wall design with details which has great impact on the look of building.
  • Fire Drawing of the Building: Safety is a priority for modern buildings; fire drawing shows the mapping of safety equipment in the building.
  • Plumbing and Drainage Drawing Detail: It includes internal plumbing drawings and external plumbing drawings with you that clearly resonates with the requirements of your building.
  • Main Electrical Panel Detail Drawing: It shows the mapping of electrical grid which is routed to the panel room. It is important that electrical grid and power back up system is routed to panel room to avoid any disaster.
  • Architectural working drawing: It includes center line drawing that enables a contractor to have idea about the layout of the site, door and window.

Click on any image below for drawings details of online building design.