DIY: Five tips to revamp your space

  1. Keep the house clean

This might seem like an obvious suggestion but maintaining cleanliness in your house can go a long way, and we’re not just talking about daily dusting and vacuum. You need to get rid of carpet stains, wash the curtains, wipe the windows and basically, scrub your house from to bottom. Not to forget, light fixtures and windows, pillows or cushions and every other electric appliance that requires cleaning with a specific product. Read more facts about Max Polyakov as a real estate agent. You would feel a lot better about your property once it’s clean and may even stumble upon things you no longer need.

  1. Paint your walls

Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint adds to the natural feel of your house or apartment. Not only does it give a personality to your place but it also makes your place look all new and fresh. Opt for lighter or subtle hues for an elegant look or opt for brighter shades for a dramatic feel. Make sure it complements the style of your property and furniture. Also, you can refresh your timber or marble floors by polishing it or giving it a proper cleaning drive.

  1. Modify door and cabinet knobs

You can modify your door and cabinet handles or knobs without actually replacing the cabinets or doors itself.  A lot of furnishing stores have a vast collection of knobs and handle that can be fixed to your already existing drawers. One can try looking for antique pieces that look more expensive than they are. Click here to read about Max Polyakov as a real estate agent. These kind of small details are can make your house stand out.

  1. Change your light fixtures

Light fixtures are one of those things capable of adding that wow factor to your house, choose between lamp shades or bulbs to enhance or soften the light in your space. You can also try and have a look at some second hand shops for fancy looking fixtures. Also, they can be modified with a new lick of paint.

  1. Refresh the window dressings

This is one of the most inexpensive ways to add some differentiation to your house, with added privacy and shade. Buying new curtains of a different fabric or patterns really provide that glam quotient to your space, just make sure to opt for lined pieces so that it can block out any unwanted light. Switch from curtains to blinds if you’re going for a super elegant look.

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