5 Best Color Scheme to Enchant Study Room

Studying is probably not the interesting task for the teenagers and even if you are constantly on your teen to hit the books, you will end up in making your blood pressure go up. Instead, you give them a room that creates a positive environment for them and make them indulge in studies and learning by their own.

Colors play a key role in creating a soothing and energized atmosphere for effective learning. According to color psychology, certain paint shades are actually better choices for spaces where studying or homework is done because it really affects your teen’s mood in a positive manner.

Let us bring some light on 5 best color schemes for study room.

  • Deep grays and silver it promotes creativity and help focus on tasks at hand. It creates both soothing and creative, energized space at the same time.
  • Blue it is well known as a calm and soothing color and it also promotes productivity. Select a darker shade of blue to keep your teen engaged.
  • Green a right shade of green will make a room lively and energized that helps in concentration. Try a fresh sage or moss-green for your teen’s study room to help him/her focus on studies without overpowering the room.
  • Red this may be the ideal wall color for your tee’s study room if he/she has a habit of dozing off because the right shade of red can boost your teen’s energy while studying late at night. Try a muted color such as brick, wine or maroon as it helps to have the room’s lights on a dimmer switch to soften the look as bedtime gets closer.
  • Orange this is really a mood lifting color for learners as it promotes comfort and improves neural functioning.

Now you have got an idea regarding your teen’s study room colors and their importance. So it may be the time for you to pick up a paintbrush and give your teen’s study spots a brand-new look.

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