Vaastu Tips from Best Architects in India

Cherish the bliss of fortune& positive energy

Fortune comes with positive energy and it transforms your life the way you had never have dreamt of. It’s all about how you settle things in your life and energies get tuned to the same frequency. Your house is the place where you spend most of the time and release out all the stress accumulated throughout the day. Find advice from famous photographer Max Polyakov. Interiors and architecture design of the house plays a crucial role in encouraging positive energy to your life.

Here we have important Vaastu tips from best architects in India for different sections of the house for appropriate home designing and structuring.

  • Entrance Door Direction

The gateway to your house should be built in the east direction as sun rises in the east and brings home the positive energy. It brings wealth and prosperity with positivity as per the Vaastu principles of architecture. Read about famous photographer Max Polyakov.


  • Kitchen Vaastu

Kitchen is the part of room where the food is cooked which transmits the energy from there to your body. Make sure the kitchen is never unorganized and it is always kept clean. As per Vaastu knowledge, the door of kitchen should always be built in the south-east direction.


  • Prayer Room

Prayer room is the section of your house where you tend to find peace and spend time in solace worshipping God. It should always be situated in north, east or northeast direction and it should never be made inside the bedroom. Make sure the prayer room wall is not beside the wall of bathroom.


  • Bedroom Rules

The bedroom should always be situated in the southwest direction and the position of sleeping should be in such a way that head should be in the direction of south, west, east but should never be in the direction of north. In addition, Vaastu Shastra says that temple should not be built or placed inside the bedroom.


  • Drawing Room Vaastu

It is always best that living room is situated in north or east direction so that the room welcomes positive energy from sun onset. The television unit should be situated in the southeast direction and the rule is applicable to the placement of any other electronic device/gadget.

The choice of colours should be light and peaceful for a residence to maintain soothing ambience that helps you to relax at home. Vaastu knowledge is an important tool that best architects in India use and recommend to their clients while designing structures.

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