Designing interiors in trending theme

“Luxury is in each detail.”

If we ask you about your interior design choice you may be a little confused regarding that. But the fact is, whether you realize it or not, you probably have a preferred interior design style. Just as with the choice of clothing, there are certain designs, themes, colors and material we gravitate towards.

As you flip longingly through magazines or any interior design website you will realize that you gravitate towards one style over another. It does not matter whether you are planning for your home interior, your workplace interior, restaurant interior or resorts interior, we have all the designs and themes available for home, restaurants, resorts and workplace matching your taste of preferences.

Varied Themes of luxury

Designing your interior is the process of shaping the experience of interior space and there are varieties of themes available for designing home interior-

  • Contemporary- This design includes clean lines, geometric shapes with ornate work, furniture is low, evenly woven fabric in neutral colors is used to emphasize space within a room.
  • Modern- This style fully integrates form and function and clean lines is the central theme of this design. Colors used are neutral, black and white and there are very few accessories.
  • Minimalist- This style uses natural light to highlight spaces and shapes. The primary items in this design style are cool colors and cool white and blue lighting. Hidden storage is the key of this style as it focuses on the use of bare minimum furniture.
  • Classic- it focuses on symmetry and building the décor on a focal point in the room. It includes the colors drawn from nature like soft hues of earth tones, blue, yellow, gray and pink. Very elegant fabrics are used like cotton, linen and velvet.
  • Industrial or urban- this design style includes the use of more industrial materials such as concrete for floors and walls, exposed beams or stripped floors. For furniture material the use of leather, reclaimed wood, stainless steel are preferred.

The above mentioned styles are a guide of some of the most common types of interior designs. We understand that you tend to love different elements from different styles to create your own individual style story and hence we provide a wide range of themes for your interior design.

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